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Schwere Pz Abt 503
(as attached to 21st Panzer Division July 11, 1944)

Hauptmann Fromme (acting commander)
(Rate as Veteran)

HQ: 1 Pz VI E

1.Ko: 2 Pz VI B (Porsche turrets): Lt. Oemler

2.Ko: 2 Pz VI E: Hauptmann Baron von Eichel-Streiber

3. Ko.: 2Pz VI E: Hauptmann Walter Scherff

(10 tanks fit for duty after air attack (July 18), use 1 Pz VI B and 1 Pz VI E for the total battalion strength)

<span style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Arial'>Unit

Tiger from 3.Kp. after the air attack

Unit symbol 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion

Tiger from 3. Kp. s.Pz. Abt. 503 after the air attack. This is a 60+ ton vehicle tossed upside down!

Source:pg 40, Armes Militaria Magazine, Operation Goodwood,Yves Buffetaut,Paris. Imperial War Museum photo

Tiger I at Bovington, England  

Bovington's Tiger I
April, 2003.