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Tables of Organization and Equipment

The countries involved in World War 2 followed different theories on how their fighting troops should be organized. This organization evolved during the time period as new weapons were developed and deployed. It also reflected changes in manpower availability, responses to enemy threats, intended mission, and combat experience.

It should be stressed that all TOEs are theoretical! Many units never fulfilled their organizational requirements due to casualty attrition, unavailability of required weapons,or field expediency. Official TOEs can even be exceeded due to the nature of all soldiers to "liberate" what they can. At any given time, two supposedly identically organized units can have greatly different appearances on the field of battle. Some of this can also be attributed to the fact that commanding officers formed "battlegroups" (such as the U.S. Combat Commands, U.S. Regimental Combat Teams, German Kampfgruppen) which may have units attached from outside the normal Divisional organization.

TOEs in France, 1944

Following are researched historical TOEs for various units which fought in the 1944 campaigns in France. Adaptations are provided for the Spearhead rules, but the TOEs may be easily configured for any wargaming rules. Many of the support units which are part of the Division are not covered here, such as Military Police, Chaplains, Veterinary, or Medical units. Spearhead does not represent these units on the table top.

German Units

21st Panzer Division 21st Panzer Division
111th Panzer Brigade 111th Panzer Brigade
113th Panzer Brigade 113th Panzer Brigade
503rd Heavy Tank Battalion 503rd Hvy Tank Battalion
12th SS Panzer Division 12SS Panzer Division
352. Infantry Division 352. Infantry Division

American Units

4th Armored division 4th Armored Division
29th Infantry Division 29th Infantry Division
101st Airborne Division 101st Airborne Division

U.K. Units

51st Highland Division 51st Highland Division
11th Armoured Division 11th Armoured Division

Canadian Units

Canadian 3rd Infantry Division Can 3rd Infantry Division