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111th Panzer Brigade

By: David Prasse

111th Pz Bde HQ (Bronsart von Schellendorf)
HQ company
1 251/6
2 251/3
motorcycle pltn
6 motorcycle w/sidecars--1LMG each
MG Pltn (motorized)
2 HMG teams
4 LMG teams

111th Pioner Company
1st Pltn
3 squads--1 LMG per squad,1 Flamethrower per squad
2nd Pltn
same as 1st Pltn
3rd Pltn( Pz Zestoer Pltn )
2 LMG teams, 18 Panzerschreck teams

111th Recon Company
Arm. Car Pltn
6 SdKfz 222 (4 wheeler)
2 SdKfz 234/3 (8 wheeler w 75/L24)
1/2 track pltn
1 SdKfz 251/9 (75/L24)
6 SdKfz 251/1
6 recon teams

111th Assault Gun Company
1 HQ JagdPanzer IV/70
3 pltns of 3 JagdPanzer IV/70 each

2111th Pz Grenadier Regiment (Rodust/Bocholdt )

HQ Pltn
1 251/6
2 251/3

I Bn (motorized ) ( Coesfeld )
1 - 3 companies
3 rifle pltns (5 LMG each)
1 HW Pltn (2 x 81mm mortars , 6 HMG )
4th Coy ( HW----NA )

II Bn (motorized) (Rheine )
5 - 8 companies same as I Bn

13th Company ( HW)
2 x 2 - 75 mm howitzer sections (4 guns total)
2 x 2 - 120 mm mortar sections (4 tubes total)
2 x 2 gun 20mm single gun AA sections-towed(4 20mm mounts total)

2111th Pz Bn (Bielefeld )
HQ section
2 x MkIVH
3 MkIV companies each with---
1 coy HQ
2 x MkIVH
3 MkIVH Pltns each with
4 x MkIVH
1 AA company
1 20mm AA pltn w/4 Moebelwagens (20mm quad mount)
1 37mm AA pltn w/4 Moebelwagens (37mm sing mount)

I Bn/16th Pz Regt (Tebbe)
HQ Pltn
4 x Pz V
3 Pz V companies,each with--
1 coy HQ
2 x Pz V
3 Pz V pltns , each with
4 Pz V

**** SPECIAL 111th Pz Bde Notes *****

The above listed OoB is the paper strength. The 111th had been engaged
in defensive battles before the Arracourt assault and lost heavily.
The night before the Arracourt battle,111th PzBde had 19 MkVs and 6
MkIVs operational. After the battle,the brigade had 20 MkVs and 10 MkIVs
in ALL conditions. In the Arracourt battle,the JgdPz IV/70 coy was attached directly to the MkIV bn (not officially part of the battalion, though).

Most of the truck transports for the Grenadiers were either destroyed or
broken down.The few trucks that were still operational were wood-gas and
coal-gas powered vehicles.These were used to move the support weapons
into the area. The Grenadiers either walked or rode the Panzers.

The infantry in the 111th PzBde should be shown to be about 1/2 strength
due to previous engagement and lack of training.

Spearhead organization for this unit

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