Pittsburgh Gamers Photo Gallery

All photos below courtesy of Eric Streicher

Game map: St Vith area
Part of "Howard's Bulge" game map showing the left German flank. Amis to the top of the map.
German battle lines
Attack at St. Vith

1) Overview before the battle.

2) German thrust at St. Vith. White markers show suppression, and artillery spotting counters have been placed.
Artillery spot counters
American defenders
3) Close-up showing artillery spotter counters on their firing units.
4) The American defenders await the attack.


In picture 4 above, the 57mm AT gun is placed behind a roadblock. The dark green counters are minefields (some are dummies). Eric mounted all his infantry identically on the stands and then made "entrenchment overlays" to place on them when they dig in.

Dead JagdTiger!
German attack
5) Attacking up the rail line to St. Vith, the Germans are stunned when two Ami 57mm AT guns kill the lead Jagdpanzer VI. At the site marked in red, there is a "Dead Cat" marker showing it's final resting place. (Diceman did it!!)

6) Another view of the attack