Toast of the questing knight

The traditional toast of the questing knight: A drawn sword, a falcon's flight,

a stalwart horse, a lovely wife


Why "the Diceman" you's NOT because I roll good.

I'm the guy that rolled 12 boxcars in a 14-turn sanctioned Squad Leader game...that's why.

Boxcars in Squad Leader is a BAD roll!!

Personal Interests

WWII Reenacting: I am a founding member of the re-created WWII 51st Highland Division, 1st Bttn HQ Company, 42nd "Black Watch".The unit was formed in 1978 and is currently affiliated with The Federation.

Black Watch cap badge

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Miniatures Wargaming: Primarily I play WWII in 1:285 and 20mm using Spearhead. I also play 15mm Napoleonic Russian using Napoleon's Battles. I also have played Napoleonic naval, US Civil War, and Ancients.

Computer Wargaming: My favorite games involve long-term strategy (Civ III or Alpha Centauri), Fantasy (Might and Magic or Neverwinter Nights), or Wargames like Steel Panthers or West Front.

Dogs: My lovely wife and I share our home with three dogs (along with an African Gray, Yellow-head Amazon, Mynah Bird, and Cockatoo): Click the waggin' dog for pics.......

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Firearms: Part of the enjoyment in WWII reenacting is the ability to collect and shoot the weapons used at the time. This ability CANNOT be shared by my friends in the UK and Australia since it is against the law!

Support our Second Amendment right to bear arms if you want your children to own the rifle your father or grandfather carried in the war. Join the N.R.A. now!

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" Adolph Hitler 1935

Seal of the NRA NRA..Charleton Heston NRA


Books: A lifelong interest in history resulted in a nice library concentrated in military history. My reference library comes in very handy when I have to paint a new unit or argue a point in a wargame!

Coleen and Rich at Gettysburg

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