June 6, 1944

By Mike Reese, Brian Hearnden

And the SH Team


Div HQ
1xDiv HQ in Staff Car/Truck
Div Escort Company:
1xSMG Motorcycle Std
1xRifle Std, 1xTruck
1xHMG Std, 1xTruck
1xSdz 10/4
1xPak 40, 1xSdz 11/truck
1x75mm IG Std, 1xTruck
SS Reconnaissance Battalion 12
Recon BN HQ: 1/250/1, 1xBN HQ Std
BN INTEL Section: 1x250/1, 1xRifle Std
BN HQ Armored Car Troops: Unavailable (short) Probably 2x222 light and
1x232 heavy armored cars
Armored Car Recon Coy
2x222 Armored Cars, 1x232 Armored Car
Light Recon Company
3xRifle Std, 3x250/1
Medium Recon Company
3xRifle Std, 3x251/1
Heavy Weapons Company
1xPak 40, 1x251/1
1xEngr Std, 1x251/5
SS Panzer Regiment 12
Regt HQ: 1xPanther
Recon Platoon: 1xMark IV/H
Flak Platoon: 3xFlakpanzer 38t
I Battalion:
BN HQ: 1xPanther
Recon Platoon: 1xPanther
Engineer Plt: 1x251/7, 1xEngr Stand
3 Coy each: 3xPanther
1 Coy: 3xPanther (July 44. Shipped 13 on 7 June 44 from Germany)
II Battalion:
BN HQ: 1xMark IV/H
Recon Platoon: 1xMark IV/H
Engineer Plt: 1x251/7, 1xEngr Stand
Flak Plt: 1xWirblewind (12SS field modification of 3 vehicles)
5 Coy each: 3xMark IV/H
SS Panzerjager Battalion 12
HQ; 1x251/3, 1xBN HQ Std (no guns for BN HQ!)
1st Coy: 2xPanzerjager IV/L48 (14 July 44 - sent from Germany 7 June)
2nd Coy: 2xPanzerjager IV/L48
3rd Coy: 3xPak 40, 3xSdz 11
1xREGT HQ Std, 1x251/3; 1xSMG Motorcycle Std
BN HQ: 1xBN HQ, 1xCar/Truck;
3xPG Coy each: 3xRifle Stands, 3xTrucks
1xHW Coy: 1 Engineer Std, 1 Truck; 1 Pak 40 Std, 1 Sdz 11/truck; 1x75mm
IG Std, 1xSdz 10/Truck
Coy 13: 1x150mm IG Std, 1xSdz 11
Coy 14: 2x20mm Sdz 10/4
Coy 15: 3xRifle Std, 3xKubelwagon; 1xPak 40, 1xSdz 11/Truck
Coy 16: 3xEngr Std, 3xTrucks
BN HQ: 1xBN HQ, 1xCar/Truck;
3xPG Coy each: 3xRifle Stands, 3xTrucks
1xHW Coy: 1 Engineer Std, 1 Truck; 1 Pak 40 Std, 1 Sdz 11/truck; 1x75mm
IG Std, 1xSdz 10/Truck
BN HQ: 1xBN HQ, 1x251/3
3xPG Coy each: 3xRifle Std, 3x251/1
1xSupport Group*: 1x251/2, 1x251/9
1xHeavy Weapons Coy: 1x251/9, 1x251/2, 1xPak 40, 1x251/1
Coy 13: 1xBison sIG 150mm
Coy 14: 2x20mm Sdz 10/4
Coy 15: 3xRifle Std, 3xKubelwagon; 1xPak 40, 1xSdz 11/Truck
Coy 16: 3xEngr Std, 3xTrucks
SS Panzer Artillery Regiment 12
REGT HQ: 1xHQ Stand, 1xCommand Car/Truck
I BATTALION: 2xWespe, 1xHummel
II BATTALION: 3x105mm FH, 3xSdz 11
III BATTALION: 3x150mm FH, 1x105mm FG, 4xSdz 7
IV BATTALION: 1 battery available 12 June, the other 3 the 1st week of
July in Normandy (4x150mm Nebelwerfer, 4xSdz 10/11) Battery was short
tow vehicles 6 June 44.
SS Panzer Engineer Battalion 12
BN HQ: 1xHQ Stand w/Command Car/Truck
2 Engr Rifle Stands in Trucks
Coy 1: 3xEngr Std, 3x251/1, 1x251/16
Coy 2: 3xEngr Std, 3xTrucks
Coy 3: 3xEngr Std, 3xTrucks
Coy 4 (Hvy): 1x81mm Mortar Stand, 1xTruck, 1xPak 40, 1xSdz 11/truck
Light Bridge Column: 1xEngr Std, 1xSmall Bridge/Trailer, 1xTruck
Heavy Bridge Column: 1xEngr Std, 1xLarge Bridge/Trailer, 1xTruck
SS Panzer Flak Battalion 12
BN HQ: 1xHQ Stand in Car/Truck
3xHeavy Batteries each: 1x88 Flak Gun, 1xSdz 7; 1xQuad 20mm, 1xTruck
1xMedium Battery: 2xSdz 7/2
1. *these are the 251/2 and 251/9 from the Hvy Wpn Platoon of each PG
2. Recon BN is estimated. Recon BN was short two platoons 222 and one
platoon 232 armored cars. Likely BN HQ Troops. 2nd Coy has halftracks
with Italion 2cm guns, but these appear to be command vehicles, like the
250/10 or 251/17. However, they weren't very effective because they had
no belts for the ammunition, and had to fire them single fire.
3. I Panzer BN HQ did not have Flak guns. II BN organized with 5 Coy
17 tanks instead of 4 Coy 22 tanks and had a flak battery of 3 Mark IV
hulls with quad 20mm turreted flak panzers field modified. These were
basis for Wirblewind design.
4. PGR 15 Reconnaissance Coy added to both PGR using kubelwagons
instead of motorcycles. Had Pak battery added. KW may have been
amphibious Schimmenwagon.
5. PGR 25 SP IG battery, Coy 13, apparently had towed guns as 12SS
history specifically discusses action using towed 150 sections from the
battery. PGR 26 IG battery has SP guns.
6. SP artillery battalion was short 1xMark III FO tank. FO Stands in
KW or on foot.
7. IV Artillery Battalion was renamed SS WERFER BATTALION 12. On D-Day
it had no tractors for its nebelwerfer.
8. Panzerjager battalion had no HQ guns. 1st company had no guns
either and did not arrive until July 44.
2nd Coy apparently had its complement of ten (2 SH models) Panzerjager
IV. These were the models with the 75mm L48 guns. 3rd Company had
towed Pak 40 and tractors (12 guns). After Normandy battles this
battalion would receive 31 Panzerjager IV/L70 in time for the Bulge.
9. A large number of the 12SS trucks were of Italion manufacture.
10. Division morale is REGULAR. This division consisted of mostly
18-19 year old men with a large number of old 1SS AH NCO and officers
(old means 23-26 years old). The division was formed in Normandy and
had not been in action before D-Day.
11. Division escort company organization is from post by Dr. Leo
Niehorster, 22 July, 1998 in the AFV-News message board. There is
certainly such a unit in 12SS. It was used extensively to plug holes
and was in many of the major actions on the front lines. However, it
never has its order of battle entirely described. There was also a
Korps Escort company in action with 12SS HJ. This may have had a
Motorcycle Std, 1x75mm Inf Gun Stand, HMG Stand, 1xSdz 10/4, 1xSG III/G,
1xRifle Stand. All stands have trucks.
12. The Engineer battalion had a 4.(Heavy) Pionierkompanie with
mortars. I assume it had an antitank platoon like the other heavy
weapon companies, but no engineer platoon.
13. SS Heavy Artillery Battalion 501 contacted 12SS HJ on 9 June 44.
This had 1 Battery 210mm FH, and 2 Batteries 170mm FG with Sdz 7 or 18
ton Halftracks as tow vehicles.
14. SS Heavy Tank Battalion 101 arrived in the area on 13 June
(Villers-Bocage) west of SS PD HJ.
Company Numbers:
Pz Regt: I BN Coy 1-4, II BN Coy 5-9
Recon BN: Coy 1-4
PGR: Coy 1-3, 5-7, 9-11 are PG Coy, Coy 4, 8, 12 are PG Heavy Wpns
Coy. Coy 13 is towed IG Coy: Coy 14 is Flak Coy; Coy 15 is Recce Coy;
Coy 16 is Engineer Coy.


PANZER TRUPPEN 2 by Thomas L. Jentz
STEEL INFERNO 1 SS Panzer Corps in Normandy by Michael Reynolds

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