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SP Reihenwerfer Somua

This unusual vehicle was fabricated for the 21st Division at the Alkett works in Spandau. The launcher consists of 20 normal 81mm mortar tubes rigged to fire as one salvo. This particular vehicle mount is an ex-French Somua MCG half-track. Somua MCL half-tracks were also used.

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SP "Stalinorgel" P107

SP Stalin's Organ

Pictures taken at Lion-sur-Mer in April,1944. Vehicles of this type were found in the 10th company of Panzerartillerie-Regiment 155. It is an ex-French Citroën "Unic" P107 half-track fitted with a rail launcher for firing 48 120mm rockets. Bundesarchiv photo from page 15, 39-45 Magazine, Number 1, December 1983, Editions Heimdal.

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