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3rd Canadian Infantry Division Pictures

Major-General Roderick Keller

Third Canadian Division commander: Major-General Roderick Keller.
Photo edited from Public Archives Canada photo, pg 148, Bloody Victory,
J. L. Granatstein and Desmond Morton, Lester Publishing Ltd, Toronto, Canada, 1984. ISBN 1-895555-56-6

3rd Canadian Div infantryman

Reenactor (and Author!) Paul Schipper, Jr. depicts a Lance Corporal of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. He is equipped as on D-Day with the Pattern 42 battle jerkin, Mk III helmet, and "3rd Division boots". Note the Canadian uniform is greener in appearance compared to British battle dress. Pg 11, The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division on D-Day, Paul Schipper, Jr., Militaria Magazine,
No. 17, July , 1995.

Guarding prisoners on D-Day

On D-Day, a sten-armed corporal from 3rd Canadian Division guards German prisoners. The beach sea-wall is visible and on the far left is a casement with 50mm ATG. Pg 486, D-Day Then And Now, Vol 2, Edited by Winston G. Ramsey, Battle of Britain Prints Intl, Ltd., London, England, 1995. ISBN 0-900913-89-4.


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