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51st Highland Division


51st Highland Division Patch

Division Headquarters:

Headquarters Company:

1-HQ Stand in Staff Car/ Truck

2-Rifle stands in 15cwt Truck


3-Infantry Brigades, each with:

Brigade Headquarters:

1-HQ stand in Jeep/ Truck

1-Rifle stand in 15cwt Truck

3-Lorried Infantry Battalions, each with:

Battalion Headquarters:

1-HQ stand in Jeep/ Truck

4-Infantry Companies, each with:

3-Rifle stands

1-Support company, with:

1-6pdr AT gun/ Universal Carrier or 15cwt Truck

1-3" Mortar stand in Universal or Loyd Carrier or 15cwt Truck

1-Carrier Platoon in Universal carrier

1-Engineer stand (Rifles) in M-3 Half-track or 15cwt Truck

1-Wasp IIc stand (late 1944 through 1945 only)


Division Assets:

1-Machine Gun Battalion with:

Battalion Headquarters1.:

HQ: 1-HQ stand in Jeep/ Truck

Coy 'A' (Mortar), with:

3-4.2" Mortar stands in Loyd Carrier with trailer

Coy. 'B', 'C', 'D', each with:

3-HMG stands in Universal Carriers


1-Reconaissance Battalion, with:

1-HQ stand in Jeep/ Truck

1-3" Mortar stand in Universal or Loyd Carrier

2-6pdr AT guns in Universal Carriers

3-Recce Squadrons, each with:

1- Daimler II Armoured Car.2.

1-Daimler Scout Car.

1-Rifle stand in Universal carrier

1-Rifle stand in M3 Half-track (treat as Armored Infantry)

Normal practice was to allot one Recce squadron to each infantry brigade.3.

3-Field Artillery Regiments, each with:

Regimental Headquarters:

HQ: 1 HQ stand in Staff car/ M3A1 Scout Car

3-Batteries, each with:

2-25pdr Field Guns/ Tractors


1-Anti-Tank Regiment, with:

Regimental Headquarters:

HQ: 1-HQ stand in Staff car/ Truck

4-Batteries, each with:

1-6pdr AT gun/ 15cwt Trucks

2-17pdr AT guns/ Quad tractors

(replace 17pdrs with Archers by March 1945)


1-Anti-Aircraft Regiment, with:

Regimental headquarters:

HQ: 1-HQ Stand in Jeep/ Truck

3-Batteries, each with:

3-40mm Bofors/ 15cwt Trucks



1. Patrick Delaforce, Monty's Highlanders, 51st (Highland) Division at War 1939-1945, Tom Donovan Publishing, Ltd., Brighton, UK, 1997, ISBN: 1-871085-40-3. Page 124 covers the reorganization of the MG battalion prior to D-Day.

2. Peter Brown - Wimborne, British Armoured Cars In Europe - 1944-1945. http://www.warwheels.net/BritACsInEurope44_45BROWN.html

3. Delaforce. Pg 124.


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