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101st Division Patch


This part of the site is dedicated to two 101st Paratroopers I met
over the years:

Richard A. Baier (1948)

This young guy was my dad, Richard Arthur Baier. The picture was taken 11/28/1948.
Dad missed World War II, joining the army as a teenager. Serving in the "between the wars" army, there weren't any old war stories he could share with us. I guess a part of his army legacy comes down to my birth in the base hospital at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland.
He's not with us any more, but we still think of him a lot. Always a trooper...

Bruce Beyer

This young guy (they usually are the young guys who fight our wars) is Bruce Beyer. I met Bruce where I work, and started a conversation when I noticed the 101 patch on his jacket.
Bruce served in WWII in 2/501, HQ Company, LMG platoon, and celebrated his 26th birthday in Normandy. He's shared a lot of stories with me about his time in combat and in England while recovering from his wounds. I have some of his items which will be incorporated into this website as I scan and organize them. This is from his local paper in Buffalo. NY:

B. Beyer newspaper clipping

Like most of the guys from WWII, he doesn't consider himself a hero...but he's wrong there. It was a different world then, and all the young men who went to war did it with real patriotism and honor. They destroyed Hitler and made the world what it is today.
We thank them all for what they did!
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